A few kilometers from Cairo, is the modern name of the great necropolis of Letopolis, and it stretches over the uplands for over two thousand square meters. The principal monuments are the three pyramids and Sphinx. The pyramids of Khufo (Cheops), Khafre (Chefren) and mankaure (Mycerynus) are the only one of the seven wonder of the world still extant. The Sphinx is the colossal representation of a lion with a human face, which has been identified as that of Khafre. The splendid solar bark that was found next to the pyramid of Cheops has been reconstructed. Forty- six meters long, it consists of 1224 pieces of cedar, sycamore and jujube wood and may have been the bark which accompanied the body of the pharaoh on his last journey.



The Great Pyramid

Built by King “Cheops” (4th Dynasty) in 2690 BC. The Great Pyramid covers an area of 13 acres. Its height, originally 146 meters, has now become 137 meters after the erosion of its summit. The total volume of its stones amounts to 2.5 million cubic meters. Close to the Eastern Flank of the Pyramid of “Cheops” lie three small Pyramids dedicated either to his wives or family member.

The Second Pyramid

Was built by king “Chefren”, the son of “Cheops”. Its height reaches 136 meters. At the base it measures 215.5 Ms Square. Its interior is simple, with two entrances on the North Side. It had an exterior covering of fine-grain limestone. Now, only a small part of this covering remains.


The Third Pyramid

Was built in the in the region of “Menkaura” the son of “Chefren”. Its height is 62 meters. The lower wall of this Pyramid is encased in a layer of granite with the body of a Lion and a human face called “Sphinx”.
The Sphinx measures 70 meters in length and approximately 20 meters in height. Scholars believe that the face of the Sphinx closely resembles that of “Chefren”. The ancient Egyptian’s aim in building the Pyramids was that they should serve as Sepulchers for their Pharaohs to preserve their bodies, for they believed in Resurrection and Immortality.
The Sphinx and the Three Pyramids were considered one of the Wonders of the World.

The Sun Barks

The Ancient Egyptians used to cut out in the rock spacious places where big wooden barks were kept for the King’s use when he accompanied “Ra”,- the sun god- on his day and night journeys, or when he crossed the rivers and lakes of the other world. The Bark measures 43 m long: The Prow is 5 m high and the Poop 7 m high. It’s now on show in a museum built especially for it south of the Pyramid of “Cheops”.





Was the ancient capital of Egypt Mennor-Ra, perhaps founded by Menes, who unified the two provinces? Nothing remain of its famous splendor but an immense stretch of ruins, including this colossal statue of Ramses II, originally 14 meters tall, and possibly toppled to the ground by an earthquake




The pyramids of Zoser, in Saqqara, are the oldest pyramids in Egypt. It was built by the architect Imhotep, who was also High Priest and such a renowned physician that two thousand years later the Greeks deified him under name of Aesculaoius.



Two of the most original pyramids in Egypt are the work of the predecessor of Cheops, the pharaoh Snefru, who founded the 4th Dynasty: the so-called “rhomboid pyramid” of Dahshur and the “false pyramid” of Maydum

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